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  • Toe Fat
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    Toe Fat It is a shame for a band to be remembered after many years, not for their job left behind, but because of some members passed from it and then made a great career. One such band was Toe Fat. Founded in 1969 by Cliff Bennett, who chose Ken Hensley (guitar, keyboards), John Glascock (bass) and Lee Kerslake (drums). The name chosen by Bennett with his manager, trying to find the most disgusting band name they could. With this line up,…
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  • Warhorse
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    Warhorse   Warhorse were a progressive rock and proto-metal band founded by bassist Nick Simper, when he left (expelled rather) by Deep Purple in 1969. After he first joined the band of Marsha Hunt, when she became pregnant and left, continued with Ged Peck on guitar and Mac Poole on drums, while in the recording of their first album participated the great keyboard player Rick Wakeman. On vocals hired a very remarkable singer, Ashley Holt. The first self-titled album released in…
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  • Sir Lord Baltimore
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    Sir Lord Baltimore Sir Lord Baltimore, are from Brooklyn, New York. Founded in 1968 by, John Garner (vocals, drums), Louis Dambra (guitar) and Gary Justin (bass). The most remarkable in story, is that in a review of their first album in 1970, first used in writing, the term "heavy metal", to describe their music. Also identified as "the godfathers of Stoner Rock".                 In essence, their start was when they were heard by Mike Appel, who later launched and managed the career of…
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  • Josefus
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    Josefus    Josefus were formed in 1968 in Houston and they considered as one of the first models of raw hard rock and heavy metal of the Texas scene. They have also mentioned, in an article of the American Classic Rock magazine, as "The lost pioneers of heavy metal". The founding members, Dave Mitchell (guitar) and Ray Turner (bass), had a band at school under the name of "Rip West". They had recorded, along with Doug Tull (drums), some demos and…
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  • Bloodrock
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    Bloodrock Bloodrock was an American Hard Rock band from Fort Worth, Texas. They had a bit of success in the early 70's and they were the first from many other bands that started their career from the Fort Worth Club. To all intents they started in 1963, under the name "The Naturals", with which they released three singles. In 1965 changed their name to Crowd + 1 and released another three singles. Finally they chose the name Bloodrock, in 1969, with…
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